U11 Basel Indoor Tournament Oct 31-Nov 1: Zurich win the Cup for the first time in 3 years!

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It was a great weekend of cricket, with 5 teams competing in a “Round Robin” league of 15 games, with the top 2 playing in the final, 3rd and 4th playing off and 5th and 6th Playoff for final league standings on the Sunday afternoon!

The 5 teams were Dragons and Nightfuries (both from Basel), Luxembourg, Zurich Crickets, Gingins/Wanderers and a GRYCC/Cossonnay team.  In the 18 games, more than 1500 runs were scored off the bat and more than 100 wickets fell!


                  1 Zurich Crickets vs Luxembourg Zurich by 2 wickets
                  2 Basel Dragons vs Basel Nightfuries Dragons by 47
                  3 Zurich Crickets vs GRYCC/Cossonay Zurich by 6 Wickets
                  4 GRYCC/Cossonay vs Luxembourg Luxembourg by 6 wickets
                  5 Gingins/Wanderers vs Basel Nightfuries Gingins/Wanderers by 6 wickets
                  6 Luxembourg vs Gingins/Wanderers Luxembourg by 7 wickets
                  7 Basel Nightfuries vs Zurich Crickets Zurich by 99
                  8 Basel Dragons vs Zurich Crickets Basel by 6 Wickets
                  9 Gingins/Wanderers vs GRYCC/Cossonay GRYCC by 5 wickets
               10 Basel Nightfuries vs GRYCC/Cossonay GRYCC by 6 wickets
               11 Basel Dragons vs Gingins/Wanderers Dragons by 20
               12 Basel Dragons vs GRYCC/Cossonay Dragons by 42 Runs
               13 Basel Nightfuries vs Luxembourg Luxembourg by 7 wickets
               14 Zurich Crickets vs Gingins/Wanderers Zurich by 7 Wickets
               15 Basel Dragons vs Luxembourg Dragons by 3wks


 Final Places:

  1. Zurich Crickets
  2. Basel Dragons
  3. Luxembourg
  4. GRYCC/Cossonay
  5. Gingins/Wanderers
  6. Basel Nightfuries